AJ Gadgets

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AJ Gadgets
Portrayed byJadiel Dowlin
Appears inHero Elementary
Debutseason 1, episode 1: "Hatching a Plan/The Invisible Force" (2020)

Arnold Jasper "AJ" Gadgets is a character in the American children's series Hero Elementary.

Character creation[edit]

AJ was initially not created as an autistic character, rather he was a kid who knew everything about superheroes. Executive producer Christine Ferraro noticed that AJ started to really resemble her autistic brother. Ferraro has also worked on Julia, an autistic muppet on Sesame Street. Dennis Taylor, an autistic man from New Jersey, did consulting for the show.[1][2]


AJ is stated to be autistic in the double episode "AJ's Extra Superpower", aired on April 2, 2021 (autism acceptance day). It is also mentioned on multiple entries on the website.[3][4]

Episode list[edit]

AJ appears in all episodes of seasons 1–3.

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