AJ Gadgets (Hero Elementary)

AJ Gadgets
Portrayed by Jadiel Dowlin[1]
Appears in Hero Elementary
Debut season 1, episode 1: "Hatching a Plan/The Invisible Force"
Year 2020

Arnold Jasper "AJ" Gadgets is a character in the American children's series Hero Elementary.

Character creation

AJ was initially not created as an autistic character, rather he was a kid who knew everything about superheroes. Executive producer Christine Ferraro noticed that AJ started to really resemble her autistic brother.show.[2]

Ferraro, along with co-creator Carol-Lynn Parente, both worked on the autism initiative from Sesame Street and the autistic muppet Julia.

Among consultants for the show were Dennis Taylor, an autistic man from New Jersey,[3] and Frank Campagna, father of an autistic son and producer for Sesame Street.[4]


AJ is stated to be autistic in the double episode "AJ's Extra Superpower", aired on April 2, 2021 (autism acceptance day). It is also mentioned on multiple entries on the website.[5][6]

Episode list

AJ appears in all episodes of seasons 1–3.

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