Alex (New Amsterdam)

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Portrayed by Kevin Valdez[1]
Appears in New Amsterdam
Debut season 5, episode 1: "TBD"
Year 2022

Alex is a one-time character in the American medical series New Amsterdam.

Character creation

Actor Kevin Valdez is autistic as well.[2]


Alex has been experiencing regressions ever since his usual doctor died. Dr. Frome is going to take him on as a patient, but wants to replace his usual care team (occupational therapist, speech therapist, etc.)—though they've been useful is guiding Alex when he was a child, he needs different people to guide him as an adult. He becomes severely agitated while Frome and his mother are discussing this; she wants stability for Alex, while Frome wants people who are up-to-date on their practice. He is worried about what will happen when people from the usual team die or retire, but Alex' mother assures him they will be replaced one by one and that there are plans in place for when she herself dies, she just doesn't want the entire team to be replaced at once because it'll be too big of a change. Frome wants her to experience struggles and difficulties with Alex now so that he'll be able to go on when she dies.


Alex is stated to be autistic in the episode. He did not speak until he was eight years old, and would bite and hit before that.

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