Aliénor Malèze (The Winter Journey)

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Aliénor Malèze
Portrayed by
Appears in Le voyage d'hiver (The Winter Journey)
Year 2009

Aliénor Malèze is a character in the romance novel Le voyage d'hiver (The Winter Journey) by Amélie Nothomb.


Zoïle falls in love with Astrolabe, but she is the agent and caregiver for Aliénor. He considers the latter to be a threat and nuisance to his pursuit of Astrolabe's love.


Aliénor is stated to have the fictitious "maladie de Pneux" (Pneux' disease), also described as "autisme gentil" (gentle autism). Author Amélie Nothomb puts the word "pneu" (meaning "tire") into each of her books since it is her favorite word.[1][2]

The narrator of the story, Zoïle, often uses derogatory language to refer to Aliénor's status as a disabled person, such as neu-neu (stupid), créature (creature) and demeurée (retarded).


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