Characters who are not autistic

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This is a list of characters who are not canonically autistic. Characters on this list either have a source that specifically labels them as not autistic, or no source for them being autistic could be found after extensive research. You can elaborate on the talk page if the situation is more complex.

Character Media Source Notes
Amélie Poulain Amélie no sources found
Marcy Wu Amphibia [1][2] Creator states the character was not written as autistic
Ruby Spark Casualty [3] Actress states that the character was not written to be autistic
Derek Noakes Derek [4][5] The character was not written as having a specific disability
Percival "Percy" King Epithet Erased [6] Creator states "she's whatever you want her to be"
Will Graham Hannibal [7] Creator Bryan Fuller states that Will has an empathy disorder but does not have Asperger's
Park Dong-gu Inseparable Bros no sources found Character is stated to have an intellectual disability, no mentions of autism found
Bong Young-kyu Listen to My Heart [8] Character has an intellectual disability
Kamille Bidan Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam see talk page
Claire "Stats" Bender Sirens (2014) [9] Actress states she doesn't recall anything about the character having a specific disorder
Sheldon Cooper The Big Bang Theory [10] Writers state they do not want to label the character
Henry Carpenter The Book of Henry no sources found
Juno Steel The Penumbra Podcast [11] Creators note that it is a legitimate interpretation but is not discussed canonically
Carla Tate The Other Sister no sources found Carla has a developmental disability, the nature of which is not specified
Jasmine Unforgettable [12] Directors refer to the character as unique, high-functioning and childlike, but do not label her as autistic when asked if she is a character with special needs.