Amy (Amy)

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Portrayed by Kriss Logan[1]
Appears in Amy
Year 2012

Amy is a main, non-playable character in the survival horror video game Amy.


Very little is elucidated about Amy or where she came from. She resided some time at the Phoenix center with professor Raymond. Though it's never explicated what happened, Amy did not like it there. Raymond had discovered something in Amy that he thought could save the world.[2] At some point she is taken from the center by Lana to go see doctor Ellen Lavigna in Silver City. It's unclear how Lana is related to either the center or to Amy, but she has some insider knowledge indicating she worked on Amy at the center. Lana gives Amy a drawing tablet, on which she draws the explosion of the Phoenix center right before it actually blows up. The train crashes, and Lana must escort Amy through the zombie-ridden city to the hospital while also being hunted by professor Raymond's soldiers. All the while, Amy's psychic abilities are getting stronger.


Amy is mostly not playable but is important for the game's mechanics nonetheless. Amy can heal Lana from the zombie disease, and the player can direct Amy to do small actions like push buttons in areas Lana can't reach. Importantly, Amy can learn psychic abilities from certain glyphs, including shock waves to manipulate the environment and kill enemies, and soundproof bubbles to execute noisy actions without alerting enemies. Lana notes that these same glyphs are used at the Phoenix center to indicate the psionic wards.[note 1][3] Amy can also hack computers.

When Lana is holding Amy's hand, her heartbeat can be felt through controller vibrations and serves as an indicator for the level of danger.


Full body shot

Amy is an 8-year-old girl. She wears a pink zip-up with rolled up sleeves over a white long-sleeved T-shirt. She wears 3/4 jean shorts with purple paw prints on the knees, over long striped socks and brown ankle boots. She also wears a flower pin in her hair.


Amy is confirmed to be autistic by the game's publisher Lexis Numérique[4][5] Director Paul Cuisset notes that Amy is not "fully autistic" but rather has her own reasons to not want to speak (presumably but not explicitly confirmed to be due to whatever happened at the Phoenix center).[6]


  1. Psionics is a discipline within science-fiction that combines engineering with psychic abilities.


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