Andre Pritchett (Perception)

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Andre Pritchett
Portrayed by Nate Hartley
Appears in Perception
Debut season 2, episode 11: "Curveball"
Year 2014

Andre Pritchett is a one-time character in the American crime drama series Perception.


Andre is suspecting of killing a security guard by hitting him with a train.


Andre is stated to have autism spectrum disorder in the episode. He has an atypical voice cadence. He is constantly rocking and tapping his fingers. Due to his autism, he has difficulty communicating what happened to the detective.

He has a special interest in trains, and keeps a notebook with information like train schedules, protocols, and diagrams. Because of his reliance on protocol and his adherence to his to-do lists in his notebook, the detectives deduce that Andre could not have hit the security guard on purpose.

Another character refers to Andre as "train man", referencing both his love of trains and the movie Rain Man.

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