Andrew (An Apprentice)

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Sullivan Harper as Andrew: a young man with light skin tone, lit by pink and blue lighting. He's wearing a beanie over his half-long brown hair, and a zip-up hoodie. He has a neutral expression on his face. He has straight, well-groomed eyebrows.
Portrayed by Sullivan Harper[1]
Appears in An Apprentice
Year 2015

Andrew is a main character in the short film An Apprentice.

Character creation

The film was recorded in 2014[2] and did some festivals when it was released, but it wasn't made available online until 2020.[3]


Andrew hangs around a tattoo shop, and is invited inside by Mike, the shop owner. Mike lets him sit in on a tattooing session, remarking that Andrew is quiet, just like his daughter. When Mike goes outside to take call for a minute, Andrew starts tattooing the client. The audience can hear parts of Mike's call, he remarks "I don't know why we need sucha heavy label on her", and "so it takes a little bit more patience on our part, it's not gonna be a big deal". He also mentions counseling sessions. When Mike notices Andrew tattooing, he storms inside, and Andrew runs off, forgetting the briefcase with his portfolio in the tattoo shop. Mike sees the bit of tattooing Andrew has done and is amazed at his skills. He calls Andrew's older brother using the phone number in the portfolio to see if Andrew's okay and to get someone to pick up the portfolio.

Mike then asks Andrew to become his apprentice.


Andrew is described as "a young man with Autism" in the Vimeo description.[1]


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