Annie O'Hara

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Annie O'Hara
Portrayed byBaileyana Elm[1]
Appears inMajor Crimes
Debutseason 3, episode 16: "Leap of Faith" (2014)

Annie O'Hara is a one-time character in the American legal procedural Major Crimes.


Annie is found dead in the truck of a registered sex offender.


Annie is stated to be autistic within the episode. She has a tendency to wander off, so she wears a bracelet with a GPS tracker and emergency information. Aside from contact info for her parents, this includes techniques to calm her down, such as a prone restraint.

Episode list[edit]

Major Crimes

  • season 3, episode 16: "Leap of Faith"

See also[edit]

  • Keith Thompson, a one-time character from The Closer, of which Major Crimes is a spin-off