Annie Wheaton (Rose Red)

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This page is about the character from Rose Red. For the character from Major Crimes, see Annie O'Hara (Major Crimes).

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Annie Wheaton
Portrayed by Kimberly Jean Brown[1]
Appears in Rose Red
Debut episode 1
Year 2002

Annie Wheaton is a main character in the horror miniseries Rose Red.


Annie Wheaton is one of 6 people with psychic abilities who join parapsychologist Dr. Joyce Reardon to visit Rose Red, a haunted house. Although the house is a so-called "dead cell", Reardon hopes that Annie will be able to wake it up again. Out of the psychics in the team, Annie is by far the most powerful. She is chaperoned by her elder sister, Rachel "Sister" Wheaton.


Annie is stated to be autistic in the series' opening scene.

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