Astrid Nielsen

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Astrid Nielsen
Portrayed bySara Mortensen[1]
Appears inAstrid and Raphaƫlle (French: Astrid et Raphaƫlle)

Astrid Nielsen is a main character in the French police series Astrid and Raphaƫlle (French: Astrid et Raphaƫlle).


Early life[edit]

She was late to learn to talk, and a child psychiatrist deemed that she'd never be able to live independently and suggested to her father she be institutionalised. He pushed back against this because she was making a lot of progress at home that the psychiatrist didn't see. Her father was a police officer, and she developed an interest in forensic science after accidentally stumbling upon one of his files. Her interest proved a great opportunity to get her to open up and further develop her speech.

Season 1[edit]

Astrid works as a documentalist for the French judicial police. She gets drawn into an investigation with the volatile police commander Raphaƫlle Coste.


Astrid is a 30-year-old woman. She has blond hair with bangs that she usually keeps tied up. She tends always wear the same kind of rather formal clothes, such as a blue sweater on top of a shirt.


Astrid is stated to be autistic by Alain Gaillard in the first episode. On the official website, she is also described as "autiste Asperger"[2] (lit. "autistic Asperger's", a common French phrase for Asperger's syndrome).


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