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The autistic characters wiki aims to document canonically autistic characters. It was originally founded on Fandom on January 10th 2021, and moved to Miraheze on September 1st 2021.

The old Fandom address was There is currently another wiki located at that address, which is in no way, shape or form related to this one.


Are these characters canonically autistic, or are they implied/coded/headcanons?[edit]

All of the characters on this wiki are canonically autistic in that there is explicit confirmation either within the work itself or by its creators that the character is autistic. There are multiple interpretations for what it means for a character to be canonically autistic, but that is broadly speaking the standard I maintain for including a character here. Each page contains sources referencing where and how the character is described as autistic so you can always check the original source to see if it meets your own criteria.

Who runs this place and how do I contact you?[edit]

Hi, it's me, User:HanTheGene! I'm an autistic adult. This wiki is my personal project. For questions, concerns, feedback, and fangirling about your autistic favs, you can reach me via my talk page or via social media (Twitter and Tumblr).