Bat (A Boy Called Bat series)

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Portrayed by
Appears in A Boy Called Bat series
Debut A Boy Called Bat
Year 2017

Bixby "Bat" Alexander Tam is the title character in the A Boy Called Bat series of middle grade books by Elana K. Arnold.

Character creation

Author Elena K. Arnold read both fiction and non-fiction books by autistic people to research autism. Walden Pond Press, the publisher, hired a sensitivity editor for all 3 books in the series.[1]


Bat's autism is not labelled in the first book (A Boy Called Bat), although it is made clear on the flap cover. It was explicitly stated in the second book (Bat and the Waiting Game).[2]

Book list

Bat appears in all 3 books of the A Boy Called Bat series:

  • A Boy Called Bat (2017)
  • Bat and the Waiting Game (2018)
  • Bat and the End of Everything (2019)


  2. "We didn't name Bat's autism in the first book (though we were clear in the flap copy) but we weren't trying to be coy. It just didn't come up in the course of the book. We made sure to use the word "autistic" in book 2." Apr 14, 2020. retrieved 2023-01-16

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