Ben (Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum)

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Ben, cartoon-style: a young boy with brown hair and light skin tone. He's smiling and looking up at something out of frame. He has a rubber band around his wrist. He's wearing a blue T-shirt with yellow stripe, brown pants and white sneakers.
Ben looks at the balloon exhibit
Portrayed by Liam McCord
Appears in Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum
Debut "I am Temple Grandin"
Year 2021

Ben is a minor recurring character in the animated children's series Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum.

Character creation

Autistic activist and animal behavior scientist Temple Grandin was involved with making the episode about herself, in which Ben also appears.[1][2]


I am Temple Grandin

Ben is the new kid in Yadina's class. Yadina doesn't quite understand what autism is or what it means, but that doesn't stop her from trying to befriend him. She wants to show him around the museum so she, Xavier and Brad approach him full of enthusiasm, but he gets overwhelmed by the three of them talking at once. His mother explains that he's sensitive to sound. Ben wanders off to the balloon exhibit because he loves balloons, which disappoints Yadina because he didn't try her museum tour. The secret museum sends Yadina, Xavier and Brad to Massachusetts, 1953, to meet Temple Grandin. They learn that people do and think things differently, and that's okay. When they return to the museum, Yadina joins Ben in the balloon exhibit.

I am Bob Ross

Ben and Yadina sitting on the floor of a playroom. Ben is holding a card. They are both smiling.
Ben is very happy with Yadina's card

Ben made a card for Yadine, so she's making one for him too. She tries to paint him, but makes a mistake. After visiting Bob Ross and learning that there are no mistakes, just happy accidents, she turns the failed portrait into a picture of a balloon and gives it to Ben.


Ben is stated to be autistic in the series. He stims by snapping a rubber band around his wrist


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