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Portrayed by
Appears in Benny Doesn't Like to Be Hugged
Year 2017

Benny is a main character in the children's book Benny Doesn't Like to Be Hugged by Zetta Elliott.

Character creation

Zetta Elliott wrote an autistic character because she has friends with autistic children and despite trying to create inclusive books, she hadn't written a neurodivergent character up until then.[1]


While Benny is not referred to as autistic within the book itself, he is described as such on the back cover. The book also includes links to various autism initiatives: The Color of Autism, Autism in Black, Hatching Hope Foundation, The Chaka Supports Autism Initiative, HollyRod Foundation, Wrong Planet, and What Every Autistic Girl Wishes Her Parents Knew.


Benny Doesn't Like to be Hugged received a "Recommended" rating by Social Justice Books.[2]


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