Brandon Powell (The 4400)

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This page is about the character from The 4400. For the similarly-named character from Everything to Lose, see Brandon (Everything to Lose).

Brandon Powell
Portrayed by Jake Cherry[1]
Appears in The 4400
Debut season 4, episode 2: "Fear Itself"
Year 2007

Brandon Powell is a one-time character in the American science-fiction series The 4400.


Brandon is a young boy living in Seattle with his parents Jessica and Ryan Powell. Unbeknownst to his mother, his father injects him with promicin, hoping it will cure his autism. Promicin is a drug that has a 50/50 chance of either killing the person, or giving them special abilities. Brandon gets the ability to trigger severe phobic fits in people when he is upset, making them see their greatest fear embodied. When Ryan tries to explain this to his wife, she gets angry with him due to the 50% chance of death it had, and takes Brandon with her. When they're in the car, he inadvertently causes his mom to see snakes and panic, and she crashes the car. Brandon wanders away from the car wreck, to the nearest train station. There, he is peacefully subdued by the National Threat Assessment Command (NTAC). Shawn Farrell, a person with healing abilities, cures Brandon of his autism. Brandon goes to live with his mother and receives promicin inhibitor, and his father goes to prison for giving him the promicin shot in the first place.


His mother states that he is autistic. Brandon is minimally speaking. He enjoys organising objects, especially his trains. When someone picked up one of the trains, he became very agitated, rocking and repeating "back" until the train was put back. He does not make eye contact.

After he is cured of his autism, he makes direct eye contact with his father and says "dad", presumably for the first time.

Episode list

The 4400

  • season 4, episode 2: "Fear Itself"


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