Brian Kirsh (Crossing Jordan)

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Brian Kirsh
Portrayed by
Appears in Crossing Jordan
Debut season 1, episode 17: "Crime and Punishment"
Year 2002

Brian Kirsh is a minor one-time character in the American crime series Crossing Jordan.


When Brian dies, a blind autopsy is performed on him. The medical examiner discovers that he is covered in bruises and determines the cause of death to be homicide. The parents state that the bruises are due to self-injury, and that Brian died after a grand mal seizure when his parents weren't watching him for a minute. Though the medical examiner tries going against this, it turns out that the parents' version of events is truthful, and the medical examiner was just projecting his own guilt over the fact that his younger brother died when he wasn't paying attention for a few minutes.


Brian is stated to be autistic within the episode.

Episode list

Crossing Jordan

  • season 1, episode 17: "Crime and Punishment"

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