Bruno the brake car (Thomas and Friends: All Engines Go)

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Bruno the brake car
Portrayed by Elliot Garcia (UK)
Chuck Smith (North America)
Appears in Thomas and Friends: All Engines Go
Debut season 2, episode 2: "Percy Disappears"[1]
Year 2022

Bruno the brake car is a character in the animated children's series Thomas and Friends: All Engines Go.

Character creation

The UK version is voiced by 9-year-old Elliott Garcia, while the North-American version is voiced by 10-year-old Chuck Smith. Both voice actors are autistic.[2] Mattel worked with the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network (ASAN), the National Autistic Society UK, Easterseals, and autistic advocates Daniel Share-Strom and Aaron Likens. to create the character.[3][4]


Bruno flaps his ladder when he's excited or upset. He also uses his lamp to show his state of mind, using the colors red, yellow and red. He's sensitive to sound and makes ear defenders out of steam when things get too loud.


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