C.J. Madison

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Connor Jared Madison
CJ madison.png
Portrayed byTy Parker
Appears in9-1-1
Debutseason 4, episode 1: "The New Abnormal"

Connor Jared "C.J." Madison is a one-time character in the American drama series 9-1-1.


C.J. is a high school senior attending special education in Los Angeles. He takes a bus which then gets into an accident. C.J. is a Wilderness ranger, and uses his knowledge of first aid to apply a tourniquet and help stop the bleeding on another passenger.


C.J. is a self-proclaimed proud aspie. He starts getting agitated when another passenger sits in the accessible seats without needing them, although their squabble is interrupted by the bus crashing.

C.J. is working on improving his eye contact, which he tends to avoid. He speaks in a rather formal manner, with a flat voice and often repeating phrases from other sources (instructions for applying a tourniquet, bus guidelines on who is allowed to sit in the accessible seats, etc.).

He has a pin with the words "proud aspie" on a puzzle-piece motif on his backpack.

Episode list[edit]


  • season 4, episode 1: "The New Abnormal"