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Watercolor-like illustration of Cameron, a young black girl. She is sitting in a car seat and drawing numbers in the condensation on the car window. Her hairstyle is worn in locs.
Portrayed by
Appears in Cameron Goes to School
Year 2020

Cameron is the main character in the picture book Cameron Goes to School by Sheletta Brundidge.

Character creation

Author Sheletta Brundidge is has 4 children, 3 of whom have autism. The titular Cameron is based on her daughter Cameron. The idea to write a picture book featuring a black autistic girl arose partly over the frustration of lack of diversity in children's books, particularly the lack of black autistic girls.[1][2][3] She also cites the isolation her daughter faced due to her classmates' ignorance of autism. [4] She funded the publication of the book herself.[5]

Illustrator Darcy Bell-Myers also has a daughter with autism.[6]

The book also includes a "Few Good Things to Know about Autism" section at the end, with information like that autism has always existed, autistic people also have feelings but may not show them the same way as everyone else, people with autism can be friends with people without autism, and what stimming is.


Cameron is going to start attending school soon. Her family and friends worry about if she'll be able to handle it, but Cameron does not fret and works with quiet determination to prepare for her first day of school.


Cameron's autism is mentioned on the first page of the book.


Brundidge says that her daughter Cameron became much more confident after seeing herself represented in this book.[7][8]


Cameron Goes to School, read by Cameron herself


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