Carl (Drought)

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This page is about the character from Drought. For other characters named Carl, see Carl (disambiguation)

Portrayed by Owen Scheid
Appears in Drought
Year 2020

Carl is a main character in the American film Drought

Character creation

The idea for the film was inspired by autistic children that writer-director Hannah Black used to teach. She has also stated that it was a top priority to cast an autistic actor for the role of Carl, and the choice eventually fell for autistic actor Owen Scheid. Coincidentally, Owen is also from Wilmington, the location where the film takes place and was shot, despite a nation-wide casting call being made.[1] A main goal of the film was to raise autism awareness (along with bringing jobs to the local community and provide opportunities for women in film).[2]


It's 1993 and North Carolina is experiencing a historic drought. Carl is an autistic 17-year-old obsessed with the weather. After being fired from his job at the supermarket and his parents ending up jail for selling cannabis, his older sister Sam wants to cheer him up, so Carl decides they should chase the storm he predicts is coming. Joining them are Lucas, a family friend, and Lilian, their estranged older sister. Throughout the roadtrip, the sibling relationships between the three are explored.


Although it is never mentioned in the film that Carl is autistic, it is stated in the official description.[3]


The film has been praised for giving an authentic portrayal of an autistic teen.[4]


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