Carl Gould (Arthur)

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Carl Gould
Portrayed by Dwayne Hill (season 13)
Dylan Hoerner (season 14-20)
Appears in Arthur
Debut season 13, episode 6: "When Carl Met George"
Year 2010

Carl Gould is a recurring character in the American animated children's series Arthur.


Carl is first stated to have Asperger's syndrome by his mother during his debut episode. He has a special interest in trains.

Carl sitting against the wall, covering his ears and crying. His mother is kneeled down beside him, giving him a box of apple juice.
Carl's mother attempts to calm him down during a meltdown

Episode list


  • season 13, episode 6: "When Carl Met George"
  • season 14, episode 10: "Buster Spaces Out"
  • season 16, episode 7: "Baseball Blues"
  • season 17, episode 2: "Ladonna Compson: Party Animal" (cameo)
  • season 17, episode 7: "Go Fly a Kite"
  • season 17, episode 10: "Brain Freeze" (cameo)
  • season 19, episode 7: "Carl's Concerto"
  • season 20, episode 3: "He Said, He Said"
  • season 21, episode 4: "Arthur Takes a Stand" (cameo)
  • season 24, episode 1: "George Scraps His Sculpture"

See also

  • Keith Powers, a background character in Arthur who also has Asperger's


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