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Hi-lo is a trope sometimes seen is series with an episodic format. The premise involves a) a major character who is either canonically autistic with low support needs, or who has certain autistic traits, and b) a minor character with higher support needs.

If the major character is not confirmed to be autistic but has autistic traits, other characters may allude to the similarities between the major character and the minor character.

The minor character often is a one-timer, meaning they only appear in the context of a "Problem of the Week" format.

Stories that simply involve multiple autistic characters with different levels of support needs (such as As We See It) do not fall under this trope, "hi-lo" specifically involves the major-minor hierarchy between the two characters.

Note: I haven't seen the trope described anywhere else and "hi-lo" is what I started calling it in my head, so that's the name I'm giving it here.

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