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Savantism is the condition where a person with a developmental disability has skills in a certain area that far exceed average. Only a small minority of autistic people are savants, though most savants are also autistic. Some commonly portrayed forms of savantism include mental math, calendar counting, subitizing, music, sports, art, and autobiographic memory.

Rain Man is the most prominent example of this. Due to it being one of the earlier instances of an autistic character combined with its massive success, it launched the autistic savant stereotype. Subsequent portrayals of autistic savantism (such as Mozart and the Whale) have continued to cement this stereotype in the public consciousness.

This category only contains characters with very overt displays of savant skills. It does not include characters who are generally very intelligent or whose knowledge/skills could reasonably be attributed to a special interest.

For characters with magical skills, see Magical autism