Charlie Kane's Son

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Appears inTwisted Metal: Black
Twisted Metal: Lost
DebutTwisted Metal: Black

Charlie Kane's son (name unknown) is a character in the vehicle combat game series Twisted Metal. He first appears in Twisted Metal: Black (2001).


Twisted Metal: Black[edit]

Charlie Kane, a taxi-cab driver, has two children: a younger unnamed son, and an older son named Needles Kane, who is the main character of the series. The youngest son is very close with his father, and is devastated when the latter is shot by a passenger. He makes a controller that brings his father back to life, and can essentially control him. One year later, he is in Blackfield asylum, when he is approached by Calypso. Calypso runs a vehicle combat contest, and promises to fulfill a wish to people who win. The son's wish is to "make everything all better" - he does not want his dad to be buried due to fears of being alone.

When he wins the contest, Calypso destroys the device that controls his dad, and says that things will be better in time. Calypso also needs someone to take over the content after he dies, and initially he wanted to recruit the older brother. However, due to the fact that he is killed during the contest, the next best thing is his younger brother, since violence is supposedly in his blood.

Twisted Metal: Lost[edit]

The youngest son puppeteering a deceased Charlie Kane have set out to find and kill the older Kane brother and thus put an end to their bloodline.


Charlie Kane's son is stated to be autistic in the choose a vehicle menu. It notes that he is of the "mechanical savant type", is frequently agitated, and has oppositional defiant disorder as well. The recommended treatment is family therapy and reality testing. It also notes that he is not to be given toys with moving parts.

List of games[edit]

Charlie Kane's youngest son appears in the following games

  • Twisted Metal: Black
  • Twisted Metal: Lost