Chloé (The Devils)

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Portrayed by Adèle Haenel
Appears in Les diables (The Devils)
Year 2002

Chloé is a main character in the French drama movie Les diables (The Devils).

Character creation

Les diables is based on an earlier short film by director Christophe Ruggia, entitled L'enfance égarée (Lost Childhood). This short film also features a brother-sister duo, though the sister is not autistic like in Les diables. The decision to add in autism came later, after reading Nobody Nowhere, an autobiography by autistic activist Donna Williams. Ruggia read more books about autism, spoke with psychiatrists and autistic people, and visited day hospitals.[1][2]

Actress Adèle Haenel purposefully did not watch any movies about autism for the role, in order to not mimic existing portrayals.[3]


Autism is never mentioned in the movie itself, however the director[1][2] and actress[4] do state that the character is autistic.

The official website also links to, a French autism organisation.[5]

Affaire Adèle Haenel

For a more detailed overview of the legal matters, see Affaire Adèle Haenel (French) and Christophe Ruggia (English) on Wikipedia

In 2019, actress Adèle Haenel accused director Christophe Ruggia of sexually harassing her in the period 2001–2004, during and after the filming of Les diables. Haenel was 12–15 years old at the time. Ruggia was indicted in 2020.


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