Cho-won (Marathon)

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Portrayed by Cho Seung-woo[1]
Appears in 말아톤 (Maraton, Marathon)
Year 2005

Cho-won is a main character in the South Korean drama movie 말아톤 (Maraton, Marathon). The movie is also known as Running Boy.[2]

Character creation

The movie is based on the real-life Bae Hyeong-jin, an autistic man with an intellectual disability who completed the Chuncheon International Marathon in less than 3 hours.[3][4] Director Jeong Yoon-chul spent time with him to prepare for the movie.[5]


Cho-won is diagnosed with autism as a young child. He often uses echolalia, which causes him to pick up his coach's foul language.


The movie received a Japanese remake of the same name in 2007.


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