Curtis Mounir

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Curtis Mounir
Portrayed byJonathan Simao[1]
Appears inTurner and Hooch
Debutseason 1, episode 3: "Diamonds Are Furever" (2021)

Curtis Mounir is a minor recurring character in the American action-comedy police series Turner and Hooch.

Character creation[edit]

Actor Jonathan Simao is autistic as well.[2]


Curtis is the brother of main character Erica Mounir. He helps out at her dog training center.


Curtis is first stated to be autistic in his debut episode "Diamonds Are Furever" (S1E3).

Episode list[edit]

Turner and Hooch season 1, episode 3: "Diamonds Are Furever"

  • season 1, episode 7: "To Serve and Pawtect"
  • season 1, episode 8: "Arf Appreciation"
  • season 1, episode 9: "Witness Pup-tection"
  • season 1, episode 12: "Bite Club"

See also[edit]

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