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Daniel Becket
Portrayed by
Appears in Sharp Zero
Debut chapter 1
Year 2015

Daniel Thomas "Danny" Becket[1] is one of the main characters of the webcomic Sharp Zero.

Character creation

The creator of Sharp Zero realized that Danny was autistic during early character development and decided to further look into autism to make the portrayal as accurate as possible.[2] Many autistic readers have since expressed gratitude to them and told them that they've felt very well represented by Danny.


Danny is currently a student at Alexitech Institute and a Super.

He began showing powers by the time he was 5,[3] particularly invisibility and teleportation. At 16, he joined the Vindicators using the codename Blueshift to match the Redshift mantle taken up by his brother.[4] Danny only did recon missions, likely due to his power of invisibility and the fact that he was a minor.

On one mission, Danny was caught by a villain known as Steel Coyote and was badly injured. After this incident, he stopped using his powers as a hero.


Danny has stated that he's autistic:"Oh, it's a stim toy. It's an autism thing, it helps me relax."[5]

Danny regularly stims with the strings of his hoodies and with tangles. He often covers his ears when upset or stressed and he gets overloaded with too much noise. Though not seen explicitly, he mentions having "an enormous meltdown" through texts.


  • Daniel is of mixed descent: his mother is Vietnamese.
  • Daniel is gay.


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