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This page is about the character from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. You may be looking for Max Horowitz, the character from Mary and Max.

Portrayed byIsrael Thomas-Bruce
Appears inDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Debutseason 5, episode 7: "Daniel Meets a New Friend" (2021)

Max is a recurring character in the American children's show Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.

Character creation[edit]

Max was specifically created to be a black boy due to the importance of the intersection between race and disability, and the lack of representation for black autistic people. The team behind Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood also specifically looked for a black autistic actor to voice Max. They found 13-year-old Israel Thomas-Bruce via a teacher who works with autistic children. The producers made a social story about the voice acting booth for Israel.

The goal was not to mimic the most common traits seen in autistic people but to capture how autism might look in a single individual.

Several people and groups were consulted for the character, including Dr. Wes Dotson from the University of Missouri, Kristyn Roth from The Autism Society of America, and Jessica Rosh, an autistic person.[1]


"Daniel Meets a New Friend" & "A New Friend at the Clock Factory"[edit]

Teacher Harriet has brought over her nephew Max to introduce him to the class. The other children learn about playing with a friend who needs different things.

"Daniel and Max Play at the Playground"[edit]

Max and Katerina are playing the xylophone, but Daniel can't join because there are only two mallets, so he feels left out. Daniel's older sister Amira finds a way for everyone to play.


Max is stated to be autistic when he is first introduced.

Episode list[edit]

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

  • season 5, episode 7a: "Daniel Meets a New Friend"
  • season 5, episode 7b: "A New Friend at the Clock Factory"
  • season 5, episode 8: "Daniel and Max Play at the Playground"