Danny Evans (Cruel Summer)

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Danny Evans
Portrayed by Richard Pawulski
Appears in Cruel Summer
Year 2016

Danny Evans is a character in the British horror film Cruel Summer

Character creation

The overall story was based on the murder of Terry Lee Hurst, a teenager with learning difficulties who was brutally murdered by his friends.[1][2] It also draws inspiration from the general trend of youth knife crime in the United Kingdom.[3] The team did research on autism in order to try to give a realistic portrayal. Actor Richard Pawulski had also researched autism and spent time with autistic children.[4]


Danny lives at home with his parents. He goes on a camping trip for his Duke of Edinburgh Award. During his trip he is cornered by Nicholas, Julia and Calvin. Julia tricked Nicholas into thinking that Danny has slept with his ex, and Nicholas in turn lied to Calvin that Danny was a pedophile and therefore needed to be eliminated. Nicholas takes the lead in the assault against Danny and over the course of an afternoon, Danny is repeatedly beaten, stabbed with a scythe, and then left for dead in a field. Calvin tells the police everything, and the 3 end up being convicted for Danny's murder.


Danny is late teens to early twenties. He dresses rather formally, wearing a shirt and sweatervest even while camping. On his camping trip, he also wears cargo pants, a rainproof jacket and hiking boots.


Although it is never stated that Danny is autistic within the film itself, the official description describes him as "autism sufferer".[5] He speaks in a monotone voice and does not easily make eye contact.


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