Doug Davis (Cooties)

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Doug Davis
Portrayed by Leigh Whannell
Appears in Cooties
Year 2014

Doug Davis is a main character in the American horror comedy film Cooties.


Doug is the science teacher at Fort Chicken Elementary School. He is notably poor with social interaction skills and small talk to the point of reading a book about socialization. He's also highly intelligent and figures out important details about the 'cooties' virus due to his science knowledge and having learnt all about the brain after he had a 6-inch spike lodged in his skull as a child.


Doug's age is not mentioned in the film but he appears to be around his mid to late thirties.


He was confirmed to be autistic by writer and actor Leigh Whannell in an interview in which Whannell was asked why Doug "is the way he is".[1]


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