Doug Seeger (Bones)

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Doug Seeger
Portrayed by Jordan Orr (as Jordan Del Spina)[1]
Appears in Bones
Debut season 5, episode 8: "The Gamer in the Grease"
Year 2009

Doug Seeger is a one-time character in the American crime series Bones.


Doug is a young boy living with his parents. He spends most of his time playing the arcade game Punky Kong, at which he is extremely good and is the first person to get a perfect score. However, mail carrier and fellow Punky Kong player Steve Rifton takes advantage of him by taping his game and claiming the perfect run for himself. When Doug's dad finds out about this, he kills Steve.


Doug is stated to be autistic by his father. He is nonspeaking. His father describes that Punky Kong is the only thing that brings Doug joy. When his Punky Kong arcade machine is confiscated in function of the murder investigation, he nervously waits for it to be returned.

Episode list


  • season 5, episode 8: "The Gamer in the Grease"


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