Drayden (Come Meet Drayden)

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Appears in Come Meet Drayden
Year 2020

Drayden is the main character in the picture book Come Meet Drayden by Dana Young-Askew.

Character creation

Author Dana Young-Askew has an autistic son. She is also secretary of the Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center, an organization aiming to improve the lives of disabled children and young adults through education of parents and professionals.[1]


Drayden's siblings describe what a day with Drayden is like.


Drayden is stated to have Autism on the back blurb. The book describes various aspects of daily life for Drayden, from the perspective of his siblings:

  • He may not always respond, but he's a good listener
  • He loves spinning in circles
  • His siblings help him with the morning and evening routines
  • He loves playing in the water
  • He dislikes parties because they are too loud
  • He loves plain cheese pizza. He does not always eat vegetables so his siblings help make sure he takes vitamins
  • He repeats what people say (though the book does not explicitly name this, this is a phenomenon called echolalia)
  • Drayden likes playing alone and lining up his toys
  • He goes to a different school than the rest of his siblings
  • Though his siblings can't always help fix the thing that's making Drayden upset, they can give him space
  • He likes reading, particularly reading aloud to others
  • He rewinds television programs to continuously rewatch the same part


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