Sunny Raei

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Sunny Raei
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Portrayed byKate Lister
Appears inDrive Me to the End

Sunny Raei is a main character in the 2020 dramedy film Drive Me to the End.

Character creation[edit]

Actress Kate Lister indicates that she has done research into autism by watching documentaries and interviews,[1] and by talking to autistic people.[2] Director and co-star Richard Summers Calvert indicates that he has done research by talking to autistic friends and their parents.[3]


Sunny is an autistic woman living with her parents Cassandra Raei and Jason Reigh [4] Her occupation is spray-painting pinecones silver and selling them on eBay. One day she has to go to a funeral all the way in Scotland, a multiple day drive from her home. To get there, she is driven by Ryan who is also going to the funeral. Ryan's mom's sister's ex-husband's ex-wife is Sunny's mom. The film relays the story of their roadtrip.


Sunny has blond hair, which she usually keeps tied up or down. She appears to be mid to late twenties.

Autistic Traits[edit]

Initially Sunny does not speak much with Ryan, keeping to herself and giving curt, literal replies to his question. Eventually she opens up more and their conversations become more reciprocal, but Sunny remains very frank and to-the-point with her dialogue.

She usually doesn't make direct eye contact, instead looking down or to the side.

Her stimming is mostly subtle and comes in the form of fidgeting with her hands and scrunching her face.