Duncan Richards (The Odd Way Home)

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Duncan Richards
Portrayed by Chris Marquette
Appears in The Odd Way Home
Debut episode 1: "The Hunting Party"
Year 2013

Duncan Richards is a main character in the American roadtrip comedy-drama movie The Odd Way Home.

Character creation

Director Rajeev Nirmalakhandan got the idea for creating an autistic character after working on a documentary about autistic children. He did not want to write an autism movie and did not want to label the character as autistic, so autism is never referenced within the movie itself.[1]


Autism is never mentioned in the movie itself, but the director does state that the character is autistic.[1]


Variety described the movie as a "Rain Man redux" due to the similar dynamic between the autistic and allistic main characters, as well as the road trip theme.[2]

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