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Portrayed byJoaquín Rapalini
Appears inEl faro de las orcas (The Lighthouse of the Orcas)

Tristán is a main character in the Argentinean drama film El faro de las orcas (The Lighthouse of the Orcas).

Character creation[edit]

The character is based on the true experience of ranger Roberto Bubas with a 9-year-old autistic boy who traveled to Patagonia with his family in order to bond over the killer whales there.[1] Consultancy for the character was done with Fleni, an institute for neuroscience.[2]


Tristán is an autistic child from Madrid. He is fascinated by killer whales and his mother travels with him to Patagonia in the hopes of being able to form an emotional connection with him through the killer whales.


Tristán is minimally to non-speaking.