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William Fitgerald as Ezra, a tween boy with light skin tone. He wears a yellow and white striped T-shirt, and black glasses. He has a wide smile on his face. He has short, light brown hair.
Portrayed by William Fitzgerald
Appears in Ezra
Year 2023

Ezra is a major character in the American comedic drama movie Ezra.

Character creation

Writer Tony Spiridakis has an autistic son, Dimitri Spiridakis. Many events in the movies draw inspiration from experiences with Dimitri. From the beginning, he and director Tony Goldwyn wanted to cast an autistic actor in the role of Ezra. They ended up casting William Fitzgerald, a 14-year-old autistic boy. This is Fitzgerald's first acting role. They also spoke with Jason Katims (creator of the series Parenthood and As We See It), Elaine Hall (acting coach, creator of The Miracle Project, and mother to an autistic child), and Alex Plank (autistic advocate and founder of the Wrong Planet forum).[1]


Ezra's autism is a key part of the movie's theme, and thus is mentioned often throughout the film. It is also mentioned in the trailer.[2]


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