Ezra Lauler (Autism, the Invisible Cord)

Ezra Lauler
book cover: drawing of a book with a red bookmark and a red flower on the cover, against a light blue background. above the drawing it says "AUTISM, THE Invisible Cord". below it says "A Sibling's Diary BARBARA CAIN"
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Appears in Autism, the Invisible Cord
Year 2012

Ezra Allen Lauler is a supporting character in the middle grade novel Autism, the Invisible Cord by Barbara Cain.

Character creation

Author Barbara Cain is a psychotherapist.[1] The novel was published via Magination Press, an imprint of the American Psychological Association that publishes children's books.[2]


Ezra is the 11-year-old brother of Jenny, the novel's 14-year-old main character and narrator. The story is written as a series of diary entries by Jenny, documenting her life and struggles in 8th grade. Ezra gets bullied at school, and the headmaster doesn't seem to do anything about it, so Jenny does her best to expose the bullying in her school newspaper.


Ezra's autism is mentioned multiple times throughout the novel. He often repeats television and advertisement jingles (including ones for less appropriate products like Viagra).

The "invisible cord" in the title refers to the bond that Jenny feels with her brother. When she was 7 and Ezra was 4, Ezra went missing for a couple of hours after wandering off. Since that day, Jenny feels responsible for taking care of him.[3]

The book includes tips for children who have an autistic sibling, such as advocating for yourself, maintaining open communication with your parents, and keeping a journal. In the "join a support organization section", Sibshop and Autism Speaks are mentioned. Autism Speaks is also mentioned in the story itself; Ezra's mom attends meetings and works on a fundraiser for the organization.


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