Jade (Fahrenheit)

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Portrayed by N/A (character does not speak)
Appears in Fahrenheit (released in North America as Indigo Prophecy)
Year 2005

Jade is a character in the video game Fahrenheit.


Jade resides at the St. Thomas orphanage in New York, though it is not known how she ended up there. She doesn't seem to need food, water or sleep. She is described as looking frail but being in perfect health. She does not have a belly button.

Jade is The Indigo Child, "a perfectly pure soul, never before incarnated", who carries a secret that will give unlimited power for 10 000 years to whomever hears it. However, if she dies before the secret is heard, the world will end. She is pursued by the orange clan and the purple clan, as well as by Lucas Kane, who wants to keep her out of the hands of either clan. Lukas is able to locate her at the orphanage and bring her to the Wishita military base. The base contains an artifact that exudes Chroma, a mysterious force that allows Jade to tell her secret. The game has multiple endings - either the orange clan, the purple clan, or Lukas and his faction learn the secret.


Jade is a young girl (probably 8 years old, according to her character profile). She is 4'2" (127 cm) tall and weighs 62 lbs. (28 kg). She has long black hair with bangs and wears a St. Thomas Orphanage uniform.


Jade is never stated to be autistic within the game itself, but this is confirmed in a character profile where she is described as "medically diagnosed as autistic".[1] Lucas describes her as "out of it", and the character profile describes her as "a puppet that can be moved without resistance".[note 1] She does not speak.

"Indigo Children" is also a pseudoscientific New Age concept and refers to children who are believed to have special or supernatural abilities. It is sometimes applied to children with mental illnesses or developmental disabilities (such as autism), since it is considered a less stigmatizing label.


  1. This is a symptom called "waxy flexibility".


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