Francis (Influence)

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James Kacey as Francis: a man with light skin tone and brown hair. He's touching his fingers to his face. He's wearing a red T-shirt with white stripes
Portrayed by James Kacey[1]
Appears in Influence
Year 2015

Francis is a main character in the romantic comedy movie Influence.

Character creation

Director Michael Bergmann is father to Daniel Bergmann, an nonspeaking autistic man who learned to communicate with a letter board. Daniel was taught with the rapid prompting method (RPM), by RPM's founder Soma Mukhopadhyay.[2] Daniel is also credited as a technical advisor for Influence.

RPM and related methods like Spelling to Communicate are considered to lack scientific validity by many professional organizations such as the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association[3] and the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.[4] This because there is insufficient evidence that the messages produced via these methods originate from the disabled person, and not from the facilitator.


Francis and his dad sitting on a safe. Dad holds a letterboard with one hand, and Francis' wrist in the other. Francis is holding a pencil to point to the letterboard.
Francis and dad use the letterboard

Francis and Katie, two young autistic adults, go on their first date together. They are each joined by a parent since they communicate with a letter board and need assistance in doing so. Doubts arise about whether or not Francis and Katie are the originators of their messages, or if their parents are influencing them.


Francis is states to be autistic in the movie. He is mostly nonverbal but can speak a few words. He communicates using a letter board and the support of a facilitator—usually one of his parents, but on one occasion also with Katie's mom.


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