Gabrielle Jacobs (Shortland Street)

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Gabrielle Jacobs
Portrayed by Virginie Le Brun
Appears in Shortland Street
Debut 13 March 2009
Year 2009

Doctor Gabrielle Jacobs is a character in the New Zealand soap series Shortland Street.

Character creation

Actress Virginie Le Brun watched video diaries and read books by autistic people to research the character.[1] Gabrielle's wardrobe was constructed to be simple and functional, with minimal accessories.[2]


Gabrielle appeared in season 18 and left in season 19 (spanning 2009–2010). A year later, she returned for another run in season 20 before definitively leaving the series in 2012.


Gabrielle is described as having "Asperger's syndrome, a type of high-functioning autism" on her character page.[3]


Gabrielle was named the series favorite female character in the 2009 Throng Shortland Street Fan Awards. She was also runner-up for favorite new character and a notable mention for funniest thing.[4][5] Autism New Zealand praised the character and actress for a balanced and fair portrayal.[6]


  • One of the show's writers would refer to Gabrielle and her love interest Chris Warner as Spock and Kirk.[7]


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