Gannon Everett

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Gannon Everett
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Portrayed byMatthew Etheridge[1]
Appears inThe Long View (2018)

Gannon Everett is a character in the short film The Long View.


Gannon and dr. Breed setting on the floor. Gannon is playing with blocks. Dr. Breed offers him a block.
Dr. Carson Breed tries to connect with Gannon to determine whether or not he should go ahead with the decision that will kill the boy

Research scientist Carson Breed recounts the times of a deadly pandemic. His research team rushed to find a vaccine, testing random healthy people to see if they have antibodies. They find Gannon, but realise in order to make the vaccine as fast as possible, they'll have to take so much tissue and blood samples that he wouldn't survive. Breed has to decide whether to go ahead with it or not, and tries to connect with Gannon to see if "there was anything there, if he was cognizant of his own existence." In the end, he keeps the bigger picture ("the long view") in mind and goes ahead with the plan, resulting in his team getting showered in accolades. He laments that Gannon will never be known as the real hero, but also that one must always keep the long view in mind when practicing medicine.


Gannon is described as "profoundly autistic" and "unable or unwilling to speak". His parents abandoned him and he spent most of his life in state-sponsored foster care.


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