Gary Bell

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Gary Bell
Gary bell.png
Portrayed byRyan Cartwright
Appears inAlphas
Debutseason 1, episode 1: "Pilot" (2011)

Gary Bell is a main character in the American superhero series Alphas.


Gary is an Alpha of the Transducer variety. He can see a broad spectrum of electromagnetic waves. As such, he visualise radio, television and cellular communications without the need for an external device.
Gary's view of data streams


Gary is first confirmed to be autistic in his Alphas Initiative profile,[1] where it is noted that he's high-functioning autistic. The file also describes him as idiosyncratic and impulsive.

Gary Bell. Diagnosis: Transduction. Able to see all electromagnetic wavelengths. Notes: a high-functioning autistic whose brain can read a wide range of frequencies, including TV, radio and cellular communications. Gary can open windows into this steady stream of information from cellphones, air traffic control, surveillance cameras, e-mails, etc. He is idiosyncratic, impulsive, has echolalia, cannot [the file cuts off here]
Gary's Alphas Initiative profile


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