Gracie Smythe (Two Sentence Horror Stories)

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Gracie Smythe
Portrayed by Zaria Degenhardt [1]
Appears in Two Sentence Horror Stories
Debut episode "Hide"
Year 2019

Gracie Smythe is a one-time character in the horror anthology series Two Sentence Horror Stories.


Gracie is an 11-year-old girl living in an affluent suburb. One night, when being watched by her nanny Araceli Gomez and her parents out on a date night, she accidentally lets 2 murderers into the house. Araceli gets Gracie to hide while she fights off the intruders.


Gracie being autistic is never stated within the series but is confirmed in the episode's official synopsis.[2][3]

She speaks very little, when she does, it is mostly repeating sounds or short phrases (like "Hi!" or the sound of the doorbell).

Episode list

Two Sentence Horror Stories

  • episode "Hide"


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