Han Gue-ru

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Han Gue-ru
Han gue-ru.png
Portrayed byTang Joon-sang [1]
Appears inMove to Heaven
Debutepisode 1

Han Gue-ru is a main character in the South-Korean drama series Move to Heaven (2021).

Gue-ru visualises various documents and mentally browses through their contents


Han Gue-ru is the only child of Han Jeong-woo and Min Ji-won. His mother died when he was young. He works with his father as a trauma cleaner and lives an altogether peaceful life. When his father dies, his estranged uncle Cho Sang-gu is appointed to be his guardian.


The character himself states that he has Asperger's in episode 2.

Gue-ru has an excellent memory and can recall the contents of dozens of documents within seconds. He can visualise the documents and mentally browse through them to find what he needs.

He always speaks in a formal register, even towards his close friends and family.

Episode list[edit]

Move to Heaven: season 1, episodes 1-10