Hannah Hunt (My Guardian Angel)

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Hannah Hunt
Portrayed by Holly Jacobson
Appears in My Guardian Angel
Year 2016

Hannah Hunt is the main character in the horror movie My Guardian Angel.

Character creation

Noreen Bishop served as an autism advisor.[1]


Hannah lives with her abusive mother and father, who are also both dentists. She gets yelled at, ordered around, her mouth and hands taped if she's "too fussy", threatened, etc. They are also obsessed with her having healthy teeth, and regularly subject her to dental procedures (for which they also tape her down). Her twin sister Angel is dead, but her presence is still lingering around. Hannah gets moved to a new school, under the care of Elena, an aide of Czech descent. While her parents keep up an outward act caring and involved, Elena starts to figure out that something's going on (sudden meltdowns, cryptic drawings, unexplained injuries). At the same time, Hannah is being bullied by her classmate Katie, which the teacher miss Palmer doesn't do a lot about it.


Hannah's communication cards

Hannah is stated to have autism in the movie. She is nonverbal, and uses picture cards and drawings to communicate. Because of this, her aide Elena finds it difficult to figure out what Hannah is trying to tell her


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