Harold Spuller (The X-Files)

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Harold Spuller
Portrayed by Steven M. Porter [1]
Appears in The X-files
Debut season 4, episode 22: "Elegy"
Year 1997

Harold Spuller is a one-time character in the American science-fiction series The X-Files.


Harold is the prime suspect in a series of murders on young women. The victims are all regulars at the bowling alley where Harold works, he feels strongly for them but cannot express his feelings, causing him to form a paranormal bond with them that allows him to see their apparitions in the moments of their death.


Harold is confirmed to have atypical autism, as well as egodystonic obsessive compulsive disorder, within the episode. He has lived in institutions for his entire life, and has received various therapies such as shock therapy and medications. Among his medications are clonazepam (a benzodiazepine) and clozapine (an antipsychotic).

He works at a bowling alley where he keeps all of the score sheets from the patrons and can recite any person's score sheet from memory.

Episode list

The X-files

  • season 4, episode 22: "Elegy"

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