Louie King (Little Voice)

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Wonder of wonders!
— Louie
Louie King
Portrayed by Kevin Valdez [1]
Appears in Little Voice (aired in Europe as Her Voice)
Debut episode 1: "I Don't Know"
Year 2020

Louie King is a supporting character in the American romantic comedy-drama series Little Voice (aired in Europe as Her Voice) on Apple TV+.

Character creation

The showrunners had trouble finding filling the role for Louie, and sent a casting call to Futures Explored, a media workshop for people with developmental disabilities, which is how they found autistic actor Kevin Valdez.[1][2] Writer-director Jessie Nelson also wrote the 2001 movie I Am Sam, about a dad with an intellectual disability who tries to regain custody of his daughter. She was not allowed to cast an actor with a disability at that time. For Little Voice, Apple was supportive of finding an autistic actor, even pushing back the release date of the show to allow for more time to cast Louie.[3]


Louie lives in a group home as he transitions into adulthood. He is the brother of the main character Bess Alice King, a struggling singer-songwriter.


He has a special interest in Broadway.


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