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Portrayed by Thure Lindhardt
Appears in Her i nærheden (A Place Nearby, lit. Here in the Neighbourhood)
Year 2000

Brian is the main character in the Danish thriller drama movie Her i nærheden (A Place Nearby, lit. Here in the Neighbourhood).

Character creation

Her i nærheden is based on the short story of the same name by Danish author Martha Christensen.[1]

Director Kaspar Rostrup asked actor Thure Lindhardt to audition, after having seen his graduation performance from the Odense school of performing arts. Lindhardt's audition for the role was "a remarkable physical performance, loosely based on What's Eating Gilbert Grape and Rain Man and with detours to the melodramatic". Rostrup and Lindhardt visited Sofieskolen, a school for autistic children, to research autism. Brian's mannerisms, body language and speech are largely based on one of the students there.[2]

Most of the movie was filmed in spring of 1999 over the course of 8 weeks, at the film studios in Risby (Risbystudierne).[2]


When a murder occurs in the neighbourhood, Brian is one of the suspects. His mother tries to protect him.


Brian's mother tries calming him down by putting him under the shower

Brian specifically being autistic is not said in the movie itself, however the actor describes him as having infantile autism.[2]

Brian's mother is overprotective and possessive, stifling his development.


  • Thure Lindhardt would later go on to co-star in The Bridge as Henrik Sabroe, the partner of Saga Norén


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